Working Bees

Last Friday of every month 3 – 5 pm

There are some minor and major works that need attention at the club including; mowing, painting, fencing, signage and boat storage clearing

To facilitate this we will have a series of working bees on Wednesday 9 – 11 am and Friday 2 – 4 pm over the next fortnight, until Jan 15 then alternately in the fortnights that follow through January and February. See the table below.

Already, we are seeing some great improvements to the club.

New entrance

We are developing an improved front to the club, with new gate position, additional boat storage and improved parking and access to the club. Parking will be available on the right as you enter and there will be improved access to the club for pedestrian traffic.

Thanks to Darryl and his son and friends for all there work on post
Daryl Clarke generously cleaning up pens for others

The hope is to create a team of people who take an ongoing interest in the club’s development, and to have some fun doing it!  If you want to be involved in this, simply come along at these times, ready to do some work – I have a list. Bring some tools if you have them. 

Thanks to

Bel Campbell, Colin Bishop, Geoffrey Matthews, Peter Curtis, Daryl Clarke and Ian Campbell who have already made enormous progress..

Bel Campbell gives the shipping container a facelift

Working Bees will take place on the following dates:

Last Friday of every month 3 – 5 pm