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Click here for the BoM’s modelled map of predicted winds.  Or here for BoM’s official wind forecast (MetEye) for the bay in map form

Here is Willy Weather’s prediction for the Annulus together with wind record from South Channel Fort.  If it doesn’t work on a device using Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 6.59.21 AMSafari, it should using Google Chrome or it may require cookies to be enabled.

Here is a graph of actual winds at South Channel Fort

And current weather at the Cruising Yacht Club.

And the BoM’s forecast for the Bay

BoM’s “detailed forecast” for Queenscliff 

BoM’s rain radar

BoM’s barometric charts next 4 days

The Beaufort Scale (coarse version)

Further information on weather broadcasts in Victoria (from Transport Safety) is here.  (Select “Radio Weather Services”).


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