Videos via YouTube

11 January 2020:  “Discover Sailing Day“.  This was open to the public with a booking arrangement and a limit on numbers.

29 December 2018 Champagne Sternchaser.  Boomaroo and Valentine chase Tiercel


12 January 2019 Cole Cup


2019 Lady Skippers Race.  (15 minutes)

Sundance in Tasmania (3 minutes)

2019 January; Commodore’s Cup (15 minutes) – The start and a few dramas.

Links to more extreme sailing videos.

Some video of Volvo Ocean Race (on YouTube).

And another 10 minutes of epic Volvo film.

A “Four Corners” segment (50 minutes) on the 1998 Sydney Hobart.

Building a Viking ship.   And launching it.

A fairly long (50 mins) documentary on Alex Thomson’s 2016 attempt on the Vendee Globe race (got 2nd after losing a foil).  (Wikipedia has interesting article on the history of Hugo Boss).

Racing on foils at 50 knots.



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