Tidal conditions have a big influence on the water based activities of our club. Competitive sailing is strongly influenced by tidal flow. In light winds the tidal flow can have more influence than the wind on strategy and results.

The tide will affect paddlers and off the beach sailors in accessing the water from shore, and also may limit navigable waters.

Be aware that tidal stream is different to high or low tide forecasts.  Tidal streams indicate the direction and strength of the tidal flow. High tide at the heads is usually 2 hours ahead of high tide at the club on Swan Bay, and a better reading of the tide at the club can be made from forecasts for Wilson Spit (see below).

Here’s a link to the tidal streams at Port Phillip Heads, and a table of tidal streams for summer Saturdays .   

A reasonable approximation of the timing of high and low tides at the clubhouse is Wilson Spit but alternative sites may be found on the BoM site .


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