Skippers’ essentials

Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race

For our “Sailing Instructions” , click here.  For Notice of Race click here.

Skippers – Here are the Aus Sailing safety declarations one of which the Club Captain will require to be signed at the beginning of the season.


The Racing Rules of Sailing (Blue Book) are here.

The standard protest form is here.  Protesting skippers please fill out the first page.


To assist with insurance and safety compliance, skippers, please register your vessel prior to racing here.  Or click this graphic –>Registration icon

Also see above for the Australian Sailing safety compliance forms, one of which has always been required for every vessel racing. You will need to have one of these completed (e.g. printed, filled and signed and photographed) and saved as a computer file to reference in this system.

Also the system will ask for a file with your insurance information.


Beware of strong tidal streams in the vicinity of fixed navigation marks such as Swan Spit.  Also note that the area of Lonsdale Bight / Port Phillip Heads is designated aPort Phillip Heads hazardous area hazardous area with mandatory wearing of PFDs.  A map of this area is here.  Our courses involving “Parks buoys” therefore require the wearing of PFDs.

Where is Corsair Rock?

One of the more notorious hazards of Port Phillip Heads, its location is not blindingly obvious in every navigation aid.  Make your own determination but this text below is extracted from a web search.  Also some detail from the Navionics “web app” on this site under “Charts” is given here.  The general area of this and other hazards is available in this map from the web.


  • Type: rock
  • Location: VictoriaAustraliaOceania
  • Latitude: 38° 18′ 4″ (38.3011°) south
  • Longitude: 144° 38′ 29″ (144.6414°) east

Also note that rapid shoaling is occurring in some places, including between the Annulus and Wedge Light and west of the Caisson (=Chinaman’s Hat).

Rules and Navigation lights – Quiz

Your knowledge of the racing rules can be challenged by this quiz and here is an exercise on navigation lights. (Note: now they have changed the site you must Click on “Recognise Vessels at Night”.)


Emergency sign on sheets if required:
blank sign on sheet for races (stopwatch version)  and
the alternative non-stopwatch version.

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