Sailing Clinic

The Free Sailing Clinic series is designed for people new to sailing who would like to develop an understanding of how to sail the club dinghies. The same skills can be applied in bigger yachts.

Register for this activity on-line. Meet at the clubhouse. Each clinic will last for 1 hour, from 6 – 7 pm. Wherever possible the clinics will use practical learning experiences and a hands-on approach. See topics below:
(there’s also a little background theory to support your understanding.)

5 FEB  Sailing Clinic 1: How a boat works/sails Setting up a dinghy, parts and rigging  

12 FEB  Sailing Clinic 2: Points of sailing, tacking and gybing. Steering, centerboards and balance. Reading the wind.

19 FEB    Sailing Clinic 3: Planning for Safety
Getting underway, luffing up and returning to land. Capsize recovery and towing  

26 FEB Sailing Clinic 4: Advanced skills Trimming, Spinnakers, Trapeze and Basic Rules of Racing

5 MAR Sailing Clinic 5: Sailing together Putting theory into practice with a family cruise