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Summer 2019-20

                                                   Results Report  RaceQs

Note RaceQs provides a link to replays but is demanding of computer power and only shows vessels that were logged in for the race.

12 October 2019                                               Ray Maki 1   Abandoned
19 October 2019                                               Ray Maki 2    Abandoned
16 November 2019                                          Ray Maki 3  Res and Rep
23 November 2019    Festival Race                                    Res and Rep 
30 November 2019                                          Ray Maki 4  Res and Rep
7  December 2019                                            Ray Maki 5  Res and Rep
14 December 2019                                           Ray Maki 6  Res and Rep
28 December 2019     Champagne Sternchaser                ResRep and Qs
2nd and 5th January  Queenscliff Cup (QCYC)                 Res
11 January 2020          Commodore’s Cup                          Res and Rep
18 January 2020          Lady Skippers Trophy                   Res and Rep
25 January 2020                                      Cec Anderson 1   Res and Rep
22 February 2020 Channels Race and Cec Anderson 3  ResRep and Qs
Subsequent races were abandoned for various reasons including virus-related lockdown.

A summary of the placings in this sadly curtailed season is here (and shown below), but note it is not a basis for scoring as some are non-aggregate races and for other reasons.

Summary results bigger

Winter series 2019

The winter series results in summary:  First, Wendy Duncan; second Ian Fordyce; third Alison Roberts-Wray. (And winning vessel Tiercel).  In detail:

Winter race 1 on 16 June 2019:  Sundance, Boomaroo, Tiercel. Details here.
Winter race 2 on 30 June 2019 Boomaroo, Tiercel. Details here.
Winter race 3 on 21 July 2019;  Tiercel, Boomaroo, Sundance.  Details here.
Winter race 5 on 15 September 2019; Tiercel, Valentine, Sundance.  Details here.

Previous years (from 2010)

For last year’s (2018-19) race results see here.

Archive of years 2010 to 2019 on Google Drive.

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