Race Results

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Results in order of corrected times:

Summer 2019-20 (Click link for detail)


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Cec Anderson 4 and 5 and re-scheduled Ray Maki 1 invalidated or abandoned owing to weather.

200222 Channels Race and Cec3 combined.  Drizabone, Tiercel, Imagine,
Valentine, Tintagel, Sundance.

200125 Cec Anderson Race 1.  Valentine, Drizabone, Boomaroo, Tiercel, Imagine,          Sundance, Tintagel.

200118 Lady Skippers Trophy Race.  Sundance, Tiercel, Boomaroo, Imagine, Tintagel, Valentine (dsq).  As only half the fleet had women on the helm, the Lady skippers trophy goes to Robyn Curtis on Sundance, second Alison Roberts-Wray on Boomaroo and third to Eleanor Bishop on Tintagel.

200111 Commodore’s Cup.   Boomaroo, Tiercel, Valentine, Sundance.

200102 and 200105  Queenscliff Cup (a QCYC race involving several QLYC boats.  A summary of four races.  Overall placings: Dreamcatcher, Boomaroo, Tiercel.

191228 Champagne sternchaser:  Sundance, Tiercel, Valentine, Tintagel, Drizabone, Rosie.

191214 Ray Maki 6 Tintagel, Drizabone, Rosie, Boomaroo, Valentine,
Imagine, Tiercel.

191207 Ray Maki 5. Imagine, Tiercel, Valentine, Tintagel, Boomaroo,
Sundance, Rosie.

191130 Ray Maki 4.  Tintagel, Sundance, Boomaroo, Imagine, Valentine,
Drizabone, Warrior.

191123 Festival race.   Valentine, Tiercel, Boomaroo, Sundance, Tintagel,

191116 Ray Maki 3.  Sundance, Boomaroo, Tiercel, Rosie.

(19 October -race postponed owing to weather)
(12 Oct)   Ray Maki 1 abandoned (date of re-run to be determined)

Winter series 2019

The winter series results in summary:  First, Wendy Duncan; second Ian Fordyce; third Alison Roberts-Wray. (And winning vessel Tiercel).  In detail:

Winter race 1 on 16 June 2019:  Sundance, Boomaroo, Tiercel. Details here.
Winter race 2 on 30 June 2019 Boomaroo, Tiercel. Details here.
Winter race 3 on 21 July 2019;  Tiercel, Boomaroo, Sundance.  Details here.
Winter race 5 on 15 September 2019; Tiercel, Valentine, Sundance.  Details here.

For last year’s (2018-19) race results see here.

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