Race Results

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Results in order of corrected times:

Summer 2019-20

191116 Ray Maki 3.  Sundance, Boomaroo, Tiercel, Rosie.

(19 October -race postponed owing to weather)
(12 Oct)   Ray Maki 1 abandoned (date of re-run to be determined)  

Winter series 2019

The winter series results in summary:  First, Wendy Duncan; second Ian Fordyce; third Alison Roberts-Wray. (And winning vessel Tiercel).  In detail:

Winter race 1 on 16 June 2019:  Sundance, Boomaroo, Tiercel. Details here.
Winter race 2 on 30 June 2019 Boomaroo, Tiercel. Details here.
Winter race 3 on 21 July 2019;  Tiercel, Boomaroo, Sundance.  Details here.
Winter race 5 on 15 September 2019; Tiercel, Valentine, Sundance.  Details here.

For last year’s (2018-19) race results see here.

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