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Summer 2020-21

                                                   Results Report  RaceQs

Click the “Res”, “Rep” or “Qs” below (not the race name). Note RaceQs provides a link to replays but is demanding of computer power (not recommended for your average smart-phone) and only shows vessels that logged in for the race. Also note all results are ‘provisional‘ until Presentation Night.

DateTrophy or
special race
Ray Maki
Cec Anderson
10 October 2020 RM 1 Res Qs
17 October 2020 RM 2 ResRepQs
31 October 2020 RM 4 ResRepQs
7 November 2020Cole CupRM 5 ResRepQs
14 November 2020 RM 6 ResRepQs
21 November 2020Festival race
(“She Sails”)
28 November 2020 RM 7 ResRepQs
12 December 2020Champagne
19 December 2020 RM 3 ResRepQs
2 January 2021Irwin Trophy  Res *Rep 
9 January 2021Commodore’s
23 January 2021  Cec 1Res  RepQs
 30 January 2021  Cec 2Res Rep Qs
6 February 2021  Cec 3ResRepQs
20 February 2021  Cec 4ResRep 
27 February 2021  Cec 5ResRepQs
6 March 2021  Cec 6ResRepQs
27 March 2021Lady Nelson  ResRep 
3 April 2021  Cec 7Res Rep* 
17 April 2021 Lady Skippers  Res Rep 
 24 April 2021 Sprint series   Res  Rep  
Summary points-
all races and series
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* Note Irwin trophy new handicaps appear strange because of the “late start” correction.
* 3rd April Report is QCYC report on Queenscliff Cup of which Cec 7 was one race.




2020 – 2021 Summer Racing

Cec Anderson race 1 was run on Jan 23rd, followed by races 2, 3 and 4. Results, reports and replays are mostly posted.

January 2nd 2021 saw the first race of 2021 and a return to optional spinnakers for the Irwin Trophy. We were lucky with a window of good weather but other issues kept Sundance and Indulgence out of the race leaving Tiercel, Valentine and (very welcome return!) Drizabone to battle it out. Results are posted in the Race Results and Reports page. The following week the Commodore’s Cup saw Tiercel, Valentine, Drizabone and (a very welcome couta boat addition) Muriel Elizabeth – previously sailed under the name of Christabelle, of “Christabelle Cup” fame.

Ray Maki race 3 was finally picked up on the scheduled “supplementary” date of 19 December 2020 bringing the Ray Maki series to completion.  Finally (24 April) the sailing season was concluded with a series of 3 “sprint” races, the Cec Anderson series also having been completed.

 Summer 2019-20

                                                   Results Report  RaceQs

Note RaceQs provides a link to replays but is demanding of computer power and only shows vessels that were logged in for the race.

12 October 2019                                               Ray Maki 1   Abandoned
19 October 2019                                               Ray Maki 2    Abandoned
16 November 2019                                          Ray Maki 3  Res and Rep
23 November 2019    Festival Race                                    Res and Rep 
30 November 2019                                          Ray Maki 4  Res and Rep
7  December 2019                                            Ray Maki 5  Res and Rep
14 December 2019                                           Ray Maki 6  Res and Rep
28 December 2019     Champagne Sternchaser                ResRep and Qs
2nd and 5th January  Queenscliff Cup (QCYC)                 Res
11 January 2020          Commodore’s Cup                          Res and Rep
18 January 2020          Lady Skippers Trophy                   Res and Rep
25 January 2020                                      Cec Anderson 1   Res and Rep
22 February 2020 Channels Race and Cec Anderson 3  ResRep and Qs
Subsequent races were abandoned for various reasons including virus-related lockdown.

A summary of the placings in this sadly curtailed season (2019-20) is here (and shown below), but note it is not a basis for scoring as some are non-aggregate races and for other reasons.

Summary results bigger

Summer 2019 – 2020 trophies

The Club Captain has announced the overall results, for this sadly curtailed year, in a newsletter.  

 Copied as below.

Ray Maki Series
Sundance —–32
Boomaroo —-30
Tiercel ———28
Cec Anderson Series
Drizabone 19
Valentine 17
Tiercel 16
Aggregate Series
Tiercel 62.8
Boomaroo 56
Sundance 55.6
Christabelle Cup
Drizabone 33
Rosie 19
Warrior 4

Keel Boat trophy
Tiercel ——67.2
Boomaroo 59
Boomaroo and Valentine
equal second plac
Festival Race

Champagne Stern Chaser
Channels Race
Lady Skippers Trophy
Sundance: Robyn Curtis
Boomaroo :Alison Roberts-
Tintagel: Eleanor Bishop
Commodores Cup

The following races / trophies
Irwin Trophy
Mud island Trophy – All boats
Mud island Trophy- Couta boats
Cole Cup
will not be awarded this season:
Maritime Weekend
Special Trophy
Lady Nelson
Easter Race

Winter series 2019

The winter series results in summary:  First, Wendy Duncan; second Ian Fordyce; third Alison Roberts-Wray. (And winning vessel Tiercel).  In detail:

Winter race 1 on 16 June 2019:  Sundance, Boomaroo, Tiercel. Details here.
Winter race 2 on 30 June 2019 Boomaroo, Tiercel. Details here.
Winter race 3 on 21 July 2019;  Tiercel, Boomaroo, Sundance.  Details here.
Winter race 5 on 15 September 2019; Tiercel, Valentine, Sundance.  Details here.

Previous years (from 2010)

For 2018-19 race results see here.

Archive of years 2010 to 2019 on Google Drive.

For reports on most of our races –     Jump to “Race Reports” page

Real Time racing time 

Link (via “get link”) to experimental on-line race times.

Link to experimental real time race timing.

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