Race dates, courses and Sailing Instructions.

Race dates

Below is the final portion of the published program to the end of the season.  Please see also this roster for crewing Swan.


To check for alterations, see the club calendar.  For the full year’s program, click here.

Standard Courses.

Please click here for the latest courses as a pdf document.

Location of fixed marks

Note that “Grass Beds” is a laid buoy about halfway between the Queenscliff Cut mark and the Queenscliff Approaches navigation mark.  Other commonly used marks relevant to our racing area are here.

Sailing Instructions, Registration and Notice of Race.

For our “Sailing Instructions click here,

and for Notice of Race click here.   The planned program is here.

If you are likely to race with your boat, please register it here and (first) see the requirement for Australian Sailing’s safety declaration in the “skippers essentials”  page.  Also have ready a computer file with your insurance certificate.

The Racing Rules of Sailing (the Blue Book) direct link here.

Mud Island Race Sailing Instructions

Here is a downloadable pdf file with Sailing Instructions for the 2019 Round Mud Island race now to be rescheduled.

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