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From “Knots”.  For those interested, the text below is from “Grog’s Blog” where he describes the same transition as QLYC had just made – to a WordPress web-site.

In July 2005 we outgrew the server we were using. We transferred to a new service and also acquired our current domain name. Of course, the new name meant that all of our carefully built-up traffic vanished. Patience and time helped us gradually restore our ranking and many changes took place during the next 14 years. However, the most significant occurred in early 2019. I finally gave in to son Martin and the website became a WordPress site. The team took on Kevin Embree and, with his broad experience in product management, analytics and marketing (eBay & HomeAway), he and Martin worked on the new appearance. Son David used his computing skills to install our critical material into the new site and my task was to re-program the animation player to provide improved features. The result was a completely new appearance and structure with improved advertising and search facilities; there were twelve categories, ten types, a “Knot of the Day”, and 197 pages showing different knot animations.


Alan Grogono


Valentine to the rescue

A big “well done” to Steve and the crew of Valentine for rescuing 2 people on the way back from slipping in Geelong.

November Newsletter.

Members should have received a newsletter via e-mail, but it is also available here.

Discover Keelboat Sailing Sunday 10th November.

Our “Discover Keelboat Sailing” day was held on Sunday 10th November, where we offered experience on our vessels to members of the public. 

9 November Cole Cup – Postponed or cancelled.

Cole Cup briefing would have been 10.30 for 12 noon start weather permitting but:-  Weather did not permit (Gale warning!).  So yet again, Race cancelled or, if schedule allows, postponed to a date to be determined.

Cup Day 5 November

While those tolerating the horse racing industry were glued to TV screens, Tiercel took advantage of a rising tide and westerly wind to fulfil a long-held ambition to explore inshore of Swan Spit.  She crept across a minimum depth of 2 m, proceeded to near the submarine, then across to and along West Channel as far as numbers 6 and 7.  Then, with wind up to 17 knots (contrary to forecast), returned to Queenscliff.   Conclusions: the Navionics charts are not far off correct.  However, the least depth is a bit shallower than shown.  And one of the yellow exclusion zone markers is no more.  Replay here.

Saturday 2nd November

Two of “our” vessels, Imagine and Boomaroo, competed in a fleet of 5 in the HMAS Goorangai race, run by QCYC, with mixed fortunes.  Results and a report can be found on the QCYC website.  Imagine (with line honours) again scored 2nd place on handicap.   Although not formalised on our sailing program, a couple of other QLYC boats planned to set sail to enjoy the afternoon and perhaps meet up with the Goorangai fleet – but yet again the weather ruled out “pleasure sailing” for this day.  Next hope for the seawater-deprived, something on Cup Day?

Mud Island Race scheduled 26 or 27 October.

Yet again!  Despite weather forecast Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 7.24.57 AMfor Sunday looking hugely better than Saturday (map for Saturday->) the race was called off as only Sundance and Tiercel were prepared to participate.  There was no race scheduled for next weekend (2nd November) owing to QCYC’s HMAS Goorangai race.  A few crews would have met and  maybe sailed to meet the Goorangai fleet but weather ruled this out. 

19th October: race postponed owing to bad weather.

12th October: Ray Maki race 1 abandoned

The first race day (12 October) for the year got off to a mixed start with Drizabone pulling out before the start and Boomaroo getting things in order just in time.  Then a good day on the water until we ran out of wind, and the ebb tide got going.  Boats retired one by one as it dawned that the finish line was out of reach.  Next race would have been Ray Maki 2 on 19 October IF the weather forecast had improved, but no luck.

Presentation dinner for Winter Series

The Winter series presentation night was held  on Friday 4th October at the “Plated” restaurant in Point Lonsdale.  A good time was had by all.  Winner was Wendy Duncan, second was Ian Fordyce and third was Alison Roberts-Wray.  The winning vessel was Tiercel.

Special General Meeting

The special general meeting was held on 20 September and passed a number of special resolutions including minor changes to our Statement of Purposes and Rules.  This was triggered by questions raised at Australian Sailing’s Victorian Conference in connection with the “Sail Pass” system for temporary membership and the insurance cover that is implied.  The insurers for Australian Sailing stated that persons sailing under the Sail Pass system would only be covered for injury or death if a Club’s membership categories allowed for temporary membership, which (in common with many other clubs) ours did not.

Courses up to 2019

Note – courses have been updated and added to, and the revised courses will appear here soon.

Courses p1

Courses p2

Farewell Jock Lee

With great sadness the Club learned of the death of Jock Lee, longstanding and active member of the club, part owner of Christabelle and sometime crew on Swan.  A Memorial Service was held on Friday September 6th.

The 2019 AGM was held on Saturday, 3rd August.

The new committee now comprises:
Commodore: John Barry
Vice-commodore: Frank McMahon
Rear-commodore: Geoffrey Mathews
Club Captain: Ian Campbell
Secretary: Alison Roberts-Wray
Treasurer: Colin Gibbs
General Committee: Greg Carey, Steve Lee, Tom Hinton, Wendy Duncan,  Angele Jones, Colin Bishop, Richard Bos.

The biggest event for the year was the Presentation Night and Dinner on Saturday 4th May 2019, held in the Clubhouse.  The aggregate winner was Boomaroo, owned and skippered by Tom Hinton.  For more photos see Photo Gallery 3 and our facebook page.

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