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Removed 27 May 2021

Calendar of Events March/April

Date Event Description 
March 11 Swan Bay Paddlers 4.30 to 6.00 pm. Please register via the website or Facebook
March 12 Social sailing & paddling, sausage sizzle from 4.00 pm. Navigate the Swan Bay shallows.
March 13 Race 7 of the Ces Anderson series 12.00 pm briefing
March 14 Navigate to McDonald’s jetty from 12.30 pm
March 18 Swan Bay Paddlers 4.30 to 6.00 pm. Please register via the website or Facebook.
March 19 Social sailing & paddling, sausage sizzle from 4:00 pm. Paddle to Laker’s Cutting & return.
March 20 Lady Nelson trophy race Postponed.
March 25 Swan Bay Paddlers 4.30 to 6.00 pm. Please register via the website or Facebook.
March 26 Social sailing & paddling, sausage sizzle from 4.00 pm. Navigate the Swan Bay shallows.
March 27 Lady Nelson Trophy Noon briefing for 1.30 start
April 1 Swan Bay Paddlers 4.30 to 6.00 pm. Please register via the website or Facebook.
April 3  Cec Anderson race 7 No briefing.  Race start 13.30
April 3-5 Queenscliff Cup visit qcyc.org.au for details



Removed 13 April 2021


Cec Anderson race 1 was run on Jan 23rd, followed by races 2, 3 and 4. Results, reports and replays are mostly posted.

January 2nd 2021 saw the first race of 2021 and a return to optional spinnakers for the Irwin Trophy. We were lucky with a window of good weather but other issues kept Sundance and Indulgence out of the race leaving Tiercel, Valentine and (very welcome return!) Drizabone to battle it out. Results are posted in the Race Results and Reports page. The following week the Commodore’s Cup saw Tiercel, Valentine, Drizabone and (a very welcome couta boat addition) Muriel Elizabeth – previously sailed under the name of Christabelle, of “Christabelle Cup” fame.

 Note that if a particular page of this website is your primary interest you can (with some browsers anyway) copy the url of the page and have it as a favourite on your phone. E.g. the race results are on https://qlyc.org/race-results/

Ray Maki race 3 was finally picked up on the scheduled “supplementary” date of 19 December 2020 bringing the Ray Maki series to completion.


Captains Report:

Ian Campbell

The sailing season has continued with regular boats competing each Saturday. All series and trophy races in the pre-Christmas schedule were successfully completed.

The new Racing Rules of Sailing came into effect on January 1. Skippers have been notified and a link placed on the website.

Please ensure any crew members in club races are either current financial members of temporary members through the Sailpass system. Boats that have people on board who are not financial members, or temporary members through Sailpass, will be disqualified from the race and become ineligible for aggregate points and trophies for that race.

Life Member Brian Golland has accepted the role of Chair of the Protest Committee for 2021. We hope this is an inactive committee!

Australia Day Cats day out

Catamarans and Trimarans based at QLYC were invited down for a cruise Australia Day and 6 boats responded. Unfortunately the weather Gods made the wind blow a little too strongly to get the boats out on the water.

Nevertheless, the shakedown brought many of the boats out of the pens for some much needed attention. David and Barry attended to repairs to the rudder of the paper tiger and David’s left knee; both recovering from their last outing together. New member, Manfred Pohlenz, undertook some minor repairs on the footing of his mast then stood the mast for the first time, before moving into a pen and the Captain’s boat got a complete clean and safety check only to discover the tramp needs some minor repair. I believe Andrew arrived later in the day and went out on the water.

Thanks to Geoffrey for cooking up some lunch and also to those that ventured to the club for the lunch and a bit of a look around. Great atmosphere!

The response was so encouraging a few more “Recattas” will be organised, Feb 7 and March 10 look likely.

Commodore’s Report: 

Geoffrey Mathews 

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Open Day went off with a bang as the cannon was fired and flags were raised to welcome the season. The Mayor of the Borough and Vice Commodore of QCYC were in attendance, as well as many of our Life Members. The weather was sensational and it was a happy and memorable day. 

It was with great pleasure that I presented Bev Lee with her Life Membership from the club. The trophies for the races completed in 2019-20 were also handed to the winning participants. 

The day continued with members enjoying a picnic lunch while the ‘Sea of Ukes’ entertained us with some rousing sea shanties, one of which was written by member Colin Gibbs.

December 27th saw 20 or so members set up near our QLYC buoy at Shortland Bluff to watch the start of the Melbourne to Devonport race in blustery and invigorating conditions.

During the Opening Day the Vice Commodore of QCYC invited members of our club to sail on Wednesday afternoons, and also expressed the desire to work together to encourage participation in sailing. 

Committee member Daryl Clarke has offered to come to the club every second Friday afternoon and, with other members, have informal working bees and perhaps some paddling and sailing if tide and weather permit.

All in all a great start to 2021.



with free sausage sizzle



Removed 17 Dec 2020 from Latest News.

Breaking news re access to QCYC wharf. Email from Parks Victoria:

Parks Victoria wishes to advise that repair works to the bridge accessing Queenscliff Cruising Yacht Club (Sand Island) from Swan Island will be commencing on Monday 26 October.
The works are anticipated to be completed in 1-2 weeks with a contingency of a further week if works are required to the sub structure.
Due to the works, bridge access will not be available during this time and alternative arrangements will need to be made to access the Parks Victoria pile berths and swing moorings.
For further enquires please contact Parks Victoria on 13 19 63

Update 24 September to Covid rules.

[We await AS interpretation of the late October easing of restrictions] In September, Australian Sailing confirmed and detailed the advice given on 17 September which should allow keelboat racing with minimal restrictions.

A direct link to this plus additional information is on the Australian Sailing website here.

This allows sailing including racing, provided that crew can maintain the 1.5 metre distancing rule for most of the time (90%). So, a schedule for a racing season 2020-21 has been developed and is posted, – shakedown cruise 3rd. October, Ray Maki 1 10th October. See the Sailing / Keelboat Sailing Race Schedule page.

Notice to Mariners re Ferry terminal.

Note Parks Victoria have issued a notice to mariners warning of impending improvement works to the ferry terminal (caution required) – further information pending.


Although we had to cancel the winter race series, recreational sailing was permitted, with certain restrictions: The 1.5 metre rule applied and limits on numbers on board (2 for keelboats) were lifted on 17 September. With restrictions in force, the Sailing Committee decided to offer winter cruises for those who felt they could meet the requirements and wanted to get out on the water. This season of cruising started on Sunday 7 June,with two vessels, Sundance and Tiercel participating.  Here is a report. Two others were held (or abandoned after starting) in light winds, and a fourth happened on August 29th with Tiercel and Boomaroo braving brisk northerly winds to reach South Channel Fort at 12.55 (about 90 minutes transit) and returning with tide in 45 minutes. 19 September saw Boomaroo, Tiercel and Valentine independently cruising in very pleasant conditions. See also our blog “Sailing started up again June 6th“.

Removed 3 Sept 2020 from Private- notes on wordpress.

I previously wrote:  Warning – I would stay clear of “Block Editing” as it is not only unfriendly but hard to escape from, but we may be forced to use in from June 1st 2020.  To escape from “block editing” system – get into editing mode in a page and near the top right find the 3 vertical dots (but not to be confused with the identical symbol belonging to Google Chrome for example) and click it, then this should open some options including at the bottom  find “classic editing”.  However, using block editing does seem to allow choice of templates for individual pages.

Removed 8th August 2020.

Vale “ Alan Holmes” 7 Feb 1929 – 9 Jun 2020.

Thanks Brian Golland for a tribute to Alan Holmes, still on our facebook page including some photos(See also his “profile“, the first of several profiles in this site’s “Gallery / Our boats, our people”.)

Removed 30th May 2020.

The Club Captain is organising registration with Australian Sailing’s version of “Virtual Regatta Inshore”, if enough sailors are interested.  More about this game is given in this video, or look on the web for Virtual Regatta.

Removed 15th April 2020

Consequently, members should have received an email announcing that the Clubhouse is closed and the Presentation Night / annual dinner is postponed.

Removed 20th March 2020

March 14th. Ray Maki 1; March 7th. Cec Anderson race 5; and February 29th.  Cec Anderson race 4.

No valid results accepted or race abandoned owing to weather.

February 22nd.  At last the weather allowed another race – serving as Cec Anderson 3 as well as the Channels Race.

The early start, with briefing 10.30 for 12 noon start allowed 7 vessels to reach St Leonards before the turn of the tide.  Results and a report are posted (Drizabone the winner).  And here’s a replay of Valentine and Tiercel.

And skippers – a reminder to please check the roster for crewing Swan.

Removed on 12th March 2020

Saturday 18 January Events.

On January 18th QLYC ran the annual race for the Lady Skippers Trophy (results on race results page and here – also a report), and launched our Swan Bay Paddlers group. The Mayor CR Ross Ebbels attended to officially mark these occasions.  The winner of “Lady Skippers’ Trophy was Robyn Curtis on Sundance.  See video clip on our Facebook page.

Commodore’s Cup 11 January 2020.

Race results (provisional) are posted on the race results page.  And a report is on the race reports page.

Queenscliff Cup January 2nd to 5th.

Not a QLYC race, but 4 QLYC boats signed up for the QCYC “Queenscliff Cup” regatta:  Imagine, Sundance, Boomaroo and Tiercel.  Unfortunately, racing was abandoned on the second day owing to loss of wind (with only three vessels getting round the course), and on Saturday there was no race owing to a gale.  The re-run on Sunday had a short race in light airs followed by a long race in strong winds, often around 25 knots.  The series was won (2nd year running) by Dream Catcher, with Boomaroo second and Tiercel third.

A summary of the results is in this link: Queenscliff Cup results.

Links to RaceQs are below (only one vessel logged on and don’t forget to click the crossed flags from the fly-out menu to see marks of the course):-
Races 1 and 2
Races 3 and 4

Discover Sailing Days.

The two Discover Sailing days for the year were held very successfully on Sunday 29 December and 11 January, from 2 p.m.  Some photos appear in the photo galleries / photos 3 page and plenty more on our facebook page.  Some roughly edited video  is now here.  (This is a link to YouTube).

Good day on water for Champagne Sternchaser 28 December 2019.

A report is here.  Results are: Sundance; Tiercel; Valentine, Tintagel, Drizabone, Rosie.  A replay via the RaceQs site (only Tiercel and Valentine logged on) is here.

From “Latest News” deleted on 25 Feb 2020.

Happily no race on 21 December.

No scheduled race owing to the busy festive season.  Luckily, given the wind that 191221 windeventuated.

Newsletter for December including Christmas party Friday 20 December.

Members should have received this via email, and a link is also here.

New link on weather page.  Doppler1

Doppler wind and local weather observations.  May help judgment of major wind changes? Note wind speed is km/h.

Ray Maki race 6.  December 14th.

A good day on the water for 7 vessels.  Provisional results are posted, report is here and a replay of Valentine and Tiercel here.

Opening Day Sunday 17 November

From 12 noon Sunday 17 November the Clubhouse was well attended by members and guests for the official opening of the 2019-20 season.  The flag breaking was signalled by the cannon (thanks Les) and we welcomed Honorary Life Member Allan Cayzer, with a photo for the gallery.  After a BBQ lunch, the Club Captain gave a comprehensive briefing for anyone likely to crew Swan during races.

From “Latest News” deleted 18 Feb 2020

February 15th Would have been Lady Nelson trophy.

Yet another weather-related (and crew unavailability) cancellation with only Sundance and Tiercel prepared to go out.  With thanks to the “Swan crew” for fronting up prepared to serve.

February 8th yet another weather-related cancellation.

February 1st – Cec Anderson 2 postponed owing to threat of storms.

New Videos posted.

Links to some videos (on YouTube) are given in the Photo Galleries and video clips area.  These include some from our club races or cruises and some from the Volvo Ocean Race.

Saturday 25 January Cec Anderson race 1

A beautiful day for 7 vessels and plenty of crew out there enjoying it.  Winner was Valentine; results and a report are posted.

From “Latest News” deleted 15 Feb 2020.

First event of 2019-20 season 5th October

The shakedown cruise for the summer season saw three boats (only) on Saturday 5 October.  Valentine, Tiercel and Sundance got away about 1 p.m. at slack water with a SE breeze. Given the increasing flood tide and wind direction, they made for Nepean Bay, Valentine and Tiercel anchoring for lunch and all were “home” before 4 p.m. A pleasant day on the water.

Vessel Registration

For skippers intending to race during 2019-2020, please see the registration process in “Keelboats” / “Skippers essentials“. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 9.39.56 PMFor the racing results in detail, click on the stopwatch.

RaceQsIf you have a reasonably fast computer, have a look at the RaceQs replays via links in the “Keelboats / Race Reports” page.   Or try this replay of Cec4 in 3D.  This replay facility is fairly demanding of computing power and may not work on (for example) old tablets.

And think about getting the RaceQs app on your smartphone or tablet (GPS and internet connection required) if you take either of them to sea.

And another thing!@#&!    Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 11.12.21 PM

It’s amazing how many yachtsmen purporting to ‘fly the flag’ for Britain, get it upside down.  Here’s just one two examples.  It’s a sign of distress!Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 10.48.08 PM

From “Knots”.  For those interested, the text below is from “Grog’s Blog” where he describes the same transition as QLYC had just made – to a WordPress web-site.

In July 2005 we outgrew the server we were using. We transferred to a new service and also acquired our current domain name. Of course, the new name meant that all of our carefully built-up traffic vanished. Patience and time helped us gradually restore our ranking and many changes took place during the next 14 years. However, the most significant occurred in early 2019. I finally gave in to son Martin and the website became a WordPress site. The team took on Kevin Embree and, with his broad experience in product management, analytics and marketing (eBay & HomeAway), he and Martin worked on the new appearance. Son David used his computing skills to install our critical material into the new site and my task was to re-program the animation player to provide improved features. The result was a completely new appearance and structure with improved advertising and search facilities; there were twelve categories, ten types, a “Knot of the Day”, and 197 pages showing different knot animations.


Alan Grogono

Valentine to the rescue

A big “well done” to Steve and the crew of Valentine for rescuing 2 people on the way back from slipping in Geelong.

November Newsletter.

Members should have received a newsletter via e-mail, but it is also available here.

Discover Keelboat Sailing Sunday 10th November.

Our “Discover Keelboat Sailing” day was held on Sunday 10th November, where we offered experience on our vessels to members of the public. 

9 November Cole Cup – Postponed or cancelled.

Cole Cup briefing would have been 10.30 for 12 noon start weather permitting but:-  Weather did not permit (Gale warning!).  So yet again, Race cancelled or, if schedule allows, postponed to a date to be determined.

Cup Day 5 November

While those tolerating the horse racing industry were glued to TV screens, Tiercel took advantage of a rising tide and westerly wind to fulfil a long-held ambition to explore inshore of Swan Spit.  She crept across a minimum depth of 2 m, proceeded to near the submarine, then across to and along West Channel as far as numbers 6 and 7.  Then, with wind up to 17 knots (contrary to forecast), returned to Queenscliff.   Conclusions: the Navionics charts are not far off correct.  However, the least depth is a bit shallower than shown.  And one of the yellow exclusion zone markers is no more.  Replay here.

Saturday 2nd November

Two of “our” vessels, Imagine and Boomaroo, competed in a fleet of 5 in the HMAS Goorangai race, run by QCYC, with mixed fortunes.  Results and a report can be found on the QCYC website.  Imagine (with line honours) again scored 2nd place on handicap.   Although not formalised on our sailing program, a couple of other QLYC boats planned to set sail to enjoy the afternoon and perhaps meet up with the Goorangai fleet – but yet again the weather ruled out “pleasure sailing” for this day.  Next hope for the seawater-deprived, something on Cup Day?

Mud Island Race scheduled 26 or 27 October.

Yet again!  Despite weather forecast Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 7.24.57 AMfor Sunday looking hugely better than Saturday (map for Saturday->) the race was called off as only Sundance and Tiercel were prepared to participate.  There was no race scheduled for next weekend (2nd November) owing to QCYC’s HMAS Goorangai race.  A few crews would have met and  maybe sailed to meet the Goorangai fleet but weather ruled this out. 

19th October: race postponed owing to bad weather.

12th October: Ray Maki race 1 abandoned

The first race day (12 October) for the year got off to a mixed start with Drizabone pulling out before the start and Boomaroo getting things in order just in time.  Then a good day on the water until we ran out of wind, and the ebb tide got going.  Boats retired one by one as it dawned that the finish line was out of reach.  Next race would have been Ray Maki 2 on 19 October IF the weather forecast had improved, but no luck.

Presentation dinner for Winter Series

The Winter series presentation night was held  on Friday 4th October at the “Plated” restaurant in Point Lonsdale.  A good time was had by all.  Winner was Wendy Duncan, second was Ian Fordyce and third was Alison Roberts-Wray.  The winning vessel was Tiercel.

Special General Meeting

The special general meeting was held on 20 September and passed a number of special resolutions including minor changes to our Statement of Purposes and Rules.  This was triggered by questions raised at Australian Sailing’s Victorian Conference in connection with the “Sail Pass” system for temporary membership and the insurance cover that is implied.  The insurers for Australian Sailing stated that persons sailing under the Sail Pass system would only be covered for injury or death if a Club’s membership categories allowed for temporary membership, which (in common with many other clubs) ours did not.

Courses up to 2019

Note – courses have been updated and added to, and the revised courses will appear here soon.

Courses p1

Courses p2

Farewell Jock Lee

With great sadness the Club learned of the death of Jock Lee, longstanding and active member of the club, part owner of Christabelle and sometime crew on Swan.  A Memorial Service was held on Friday September 6th.

The 2019 AGM was held on Saturday, 3rd August.

The new committee now comprises:
Commodore: John Barry
Vice-commodore: Frank McMahon
Rear-commodore: Geoffrey Mathews
Club Captain: Ian Campbell
Secretary: Alison Roberts-Wray
Treasurer: Colin Gibbs
General Committee: Greg Carey, Steve Lee, Tom Hinton, Wendy Duncan,  Angele Jones, Colin Bishop, Richard Bos.

The biggest event for the year was the Presentation Night and Dinner on Saturday 4th May 2019, held in the Clubhouse.  The aggregate winner was Boomaroo, owned and skippered by Tom Hinton.  For more photos see Photo Gallery 3 and our facebook page.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 10.25.31 PM