Off Beach, training and innovations.

Off the beach activities.

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 9.54.39 amDiscover Sailing Days (Open to the public) are held on selected Sundays in summer at the Clubhouse.  Dates are dependent on tides.  Those for 2019 are over and 2020 is yet to be scheduled.  Typically the  Start time for check-in is 11.00 a.m.  Since spaces are limited we ask participants to register  in advance, on line, using a system that will be re-established here.  These days offer experience in safe paddling of canoes, rigging and sailing dinghies, and available for anyone interested, some short training videos, expertise on ropes, knots and navigation, as well as the main focus of getting people in boats on the water.   While we have very experienced people available for these events, we do not offer formal “training”.  Links to some YouTube videos are given below.

These events are free apart from a donation of $2 to cover BBQ sausages.  Children must have parent(s) present at the venue and the expectation is for participants to stay for the whole program from registration, between 11 and 12, until approximately 3.30 p.m.  Reluctantly, owing to the large number of people and children present coupled with liability issues, we can not allow dogs on the premises during these events.

Sparrow sailing for members takes place on some Friday evenings, depending on tides.

Information for canoeists can be obtained from experienced members

For dinghy sailors, here is a link to the required Safety Equipment Audit Form from Australian Sailing.

Some Training Videos.

Here are some links to beginner training videos on You-tube:

A beginners guide to sailing  UK – recommended (but typo “board reach” is “broad reach” and UK’s “kicker” is our “vang”)
Lecture (in USA)
The physics of sailing (USA)
Learn how to sail – a step by step guide.  (US – Josh Post Part 1)
Spinnakers on YouTube.  (US – Josh Post Part 2)
“Learn to sail in 20 minutes” (YouTube)

And for the more advanced, some videos on sail trimming.

Part 1 the basics    Trimming Part 1

Part 2 the Genoa

Trimming Part 2

Part 3 the mainsail Trimming Part 3


Part 4 the spinnakerTrimming Part 4


Innovative ideas for boats great and small.

Mast climber – click here or on the picture for a device to help in climbing a mast.







For those who are not dyed in the wool traditionalists with the Ashley Book of Knots on the shelves, a great resource is Grog’s Knots.  I prefer the “app” on a tablet, but the same information is available on line here.  The animation can be paused and progressed step by step.

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