Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

the Channels Trophy race will be run in collaboration with the Queenscliff Cruising Yaacht Club as part of their Queenscliff Cup. It is possible to compete as a QLYC member on a QLYC vessel in the Channels Race without necessarily registering for the Queenscliff Cup. Please contact QLYC skippers to express interest in sailing and join in the fun of an extended passage race.

Breifing will be at 9:30 at the QLYC and the Channels race will be called at 12:25 for a 12:30 start at Grassbeds

Sailing instructions including the course for the race can be found on the QCYC website. Please note that you should be able to gain access through the gate by simply saying you are from QLYC attending the Queenscliff Cup at QCYC.

To register as crew (including skippers) for the QLYC event you must register on the QLYC Channels race crew sign on sheet. Registration for this event opens at Thu 14 Apr 2022 

Please note that Start boat and Finish boat will look different as it will be a QCYC vessel (probably a Stabicraft) Communications on Channel 72.

If you are interested in sailing in other races being held as part of the Queenscliff Cup on Saturday morning, Sunday and possibly Monday, please contact John Barry or Tony Sparrow, who have entered their boats in that event.