Membership information

QLYC offers a variety of membership categories, for individuals, families or corporate memberships.  Members may apply for exclusive use of the Clubhouse for private functions – the fee for which depends upon length of membership.  The categories of membership are under review so pending new documentation please contact the secretary for information.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 9.56.27 PMIt is possible for non-members to sail in our races several times within Australian Sailing’s rules.  The first race can be on a casual basis (but you need to quote an emergency contact person with phone number).  Prior to a second race it is necessary to register in order for you and the Club to be covered by insurance.  The first three races under this system are free of charge.  Beyond that 3-race limit, a fee applies for the next 5 races.  After that it is necessary to join the club as a member.  A day pass system is being developed for those who wish to sail more than once before joining.  Please refer to this link within the Australian Sailing system if you are in this situation.    As mentioned under “Keelboats” non-members interested in participating may contact the Club Captain to express interest (email or by fronting up at our briefing session normally but not always at 12 noon on summer Saturdays in front of the harbour office.  See the Calendar of events for times and dates   – briefing is 90 minutes before published race starting times.  You will usually get a sail but it can not be absolutely guaranteed if you have not made prior arrangements.

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