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Saturday 18 January Events.

On January 18th QLYC ran the annual race for the Lady Skippers Trophy (results on race results page and here – also a report), and launched our Swan Bay Paddlers group. The Mayor CR Ross Ebbels attended to officially mark these occasions.  The winner of “Lady Skippers’ Trophy was Robyn Curtis on Sundance.

Commodore’s Cup 11 January 2020.

Race results (provisional) are posted on the race results page.  And a report is on the race reports page.

Queenscliff Cup January 2nd to 5th.

Not a QLYC race, but 4 QLYC boats signed up for the QCYC “Queenscliff Cup” regatta:  Imagine, Sundance, Boomaroo and Tiercel.  Unfortunately, racing was abandoned on the second day owing to loss of wind (with only three vessels getting round the course), and on Saturday there was no race owing to a gale.  The re-run on Sunday had a short race in light airs followed by a long race in strong winds, often around 25 knots.  The series was won (2nd year running) by Dream Catcher, with Boomaroo second and Tiercel third.

A summary of the results is in this link: Queenscliff Cup results.

Links to RaceQs are below (only one vessel logged on and don’t forget to click the crossed flags from the fly-out menu to see marks of the course):-
Races 1 and 2
Races 3 and 4

Discover Sailing Days.

The two Discover Sailing days for the year were held very successfully on Sunday 29 December and 11 January, from 2 p.m.  Some photos appear in the photo galleries / photos 3 page and plenty more on our facebook page.  Some roughly edited video  is now here.  (This is a link to YouTube).

Good day on water for Champagne Sternchaser 28 December 2019.

A report is here.  Results are: Sundance; Tiercel; Valentine, Tintagel, Drizabone, Rosie.  A replay via the RaceQs site (only Tiercel and Valentine logged on) is here.

Happily no race on 21 December.

No scheduled race owing to the busy festive season.  Luckily, given the wind that 191221 windeventuated.

Newsletter for December including Christmas party Friday 20 December.

Members should have received this via email, and a link is also here.

New link on weather page.  Doppler1

Doppler wind and local weather observations.  May help judgment of major wind changes? Note wind speed is km/h.

Ray Maki race 6.  December 14th.

A good day on the water for 7 vessels.  Provisional results are posted, report is here and a replay of Valentine and Tiercel here.

Opening Day Sunday 17 November

From 12 noon Sunday 17 November the Clubhouse was well attended by members and guests for the official opening of the 2019-20 season.  The flag breaking was signalled by the cannon (thanks Les) and we welcomed Honorary Life Member Allan Cayzer, with a photo for the gallery.  After a BBQ lunch, the Club Captain gave a comprehensive briefing for anyone likely to crew Swan during races.

First event of 2019-20 season 5th October

The shakedown cruise for the summer season saw three boats (only) on Saturday 5 October.  Valentine, Tiercel and Sundance got away about 1 p.m. at slack water with a SE breeze. Given the increasing flood tide and wind direction, they made for Nepean Bay, Valentine and Tiercel anchoring for lunch and all were “home” before 4 p.m. A pleasant day on the water.


Vessel Registration

For skippers intending to race during 2019-2020, please see the registration process in “Keelboats” / “Skippers essentials“. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 9.39.56 PMFor the racing results in detail, click on the stopwatch.

RaceQsIf you have a reasonably fast computer, have a look at the RaceQs replays via links in the “Keelboats / Race Reports” page.   Or try this replay of Cec4 in 3D.  This replay facility is fairly demanding of computing power and may not work on (for example) old tablets.

And think about getting the RaceQs app on your smartphone or tablet (GPS and internet connection required) if you take either of them to sea.

And another thing!@#&!    Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 11.12.21 PM

It’s amazing how many yachtsmen purporting to ‘fly the flag’ for Britain, get it upside down.  Here’s just one two examples.  It’s a sign of distress!Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 10.48.08 PM


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