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Winter Race 5

At last we did it, running this race on 15 September, despite an unattractive weather forecast.  With members’ travels either beginning or ending, the fleet of three was Tiercel, Sundance and Valentine.  Results are here and a report here.  Also a replay on RaceQs here.

Farewell Jock Lee

With great sadness the Club learned of the deathJock Lee Notice of Jock Lee, longstanding and active member of the club, part owner of Christabelle and sometime crew on Swan.  A Memorial Service was held on Friday September 6th.

Special General Meeting.

If you are a financial member, check out your emails for notice of a special general meeting on 20 September.  This should have reached you, but if not, and you believe you are a financial member, please contact the secretary.  The email includes a form for proxy, please use this if you are not attending, to nominate a person or ‘the chairman of the meeting’ as we need a quorum.  If you like electronically signing, you could try this link.  Proxy, general meeting.  But, you probably have to ‘download’ the file to save somewhere of your choice, open in a reader like Acrobat, fill the text before signing, sign and re-save.  The need for this meeting arose from a question at the Victorian Conference,  to allow temporary membership and for such members to be covered by insurance.

The 2019 AGM was held on Saturday, 3rd August.

The new committee now comprises:
Commodore: John Barry
Vice-commodore: Frank McMahon
Rear-commodore: Geoffrey Mathews
Club Captain: Ian Campbell
Secretary: Alison Roberts-Wray
Treasurer: Colin Gibbs
General Committee: Greg Carey, Steve Lee, Tom Hinton, Wendy Duncan,  Angele Jones, Colin Bishop, Richard Bos.

Winter Race 4, after multiple postponements, was attempted on 25 August.  However, fate intervened in the form of a propeller issue putting Sundance out of the race which would have had only two vessels.  Nonetheless, before the scratching, the Commodore’s burgee passed from Tiercel to Sundance.

Commodores burgee passes from Tiercel to Sundance 25 August 2019
The curse of the Commodore’s burgee!


  • For skippers intending to race during 2019-2020, please see the registration process (which is a  “work in progress”) in “Keelboats” / “Skippers’ essentials” with a link also here  

The biggest event for the year was the Presentation Night and Dinner on Saturday 4th May 2019, held in the Clubhouse.  The aggregate winner was Boomaroo, owned and skippered by Tom Hinton.  For more photos see Photo Gallery 3 and our facebook page.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 10.25.31 PM

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 9.39.56 PMFor last year’s racing results in detail, click on the stopwatch.

RaceQsIf you have a reasonably fast computer, have a look at the RaceQs replays via links in the “Keelboats / Race Reports” page.   Or try this replay of Cec4 in 3D.  This replay facility is fairly demanding of computing power and may not work on (for example) old tablets.

And think about getting the RaceQs app on your smartphone or tablet (GPS and internet connection required) if you take either of them to sea.

And another thing!@#&!    Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 11.12.21 PM

It’s amazing how many yachtsmen purporting to ‘fly the flag’ for Britain, get it upside down.  Here’s just one two examples.  It’s a sign of distress – mine if not theirs!Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 10.48.08 PM


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