General information, regarding Keelboat racing

2020 – 2021 Sailing season

The Summer Sailing Season has now been released 

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COVID plan for sailing 

The QLYC is based in regional Victoria. As of the 16th of September, regional Victoria moved to the third step of the roadmap out of COVID-19. 

It is the intention of the QLYC to offer a program of sailing that complies with the regulations outlined by the DHHS and Australian Sailing.

Those recommendations which apply to sailing clubs are available for viewing here in detail, but most importantly we must ensure that 1.5m social distancing can be adhered to for 90% of the time, and masks must be worn at all times. This means that, unless sailors are sailing with people from their own household, hiking/sitting shoulder to shoulder on the rail or in the cockpit is NOT acceptable. Nevertheless, club racing will still be offered for those who can comply with these restrictions.

In an effort to maintain fairness some concessions will apply. 

  • Due to the likelihood of vessels being short-handed and to avoid the necessity to manage sails in close proximity, no spinnakers will be used while social distancing rules are in place. 
  • Boats excluded from races in a series or in the aggregate due to government restrictions may apply for special consideration to the Sailing Committee through the Club Captain.  Boats which could not compete due to travel restrictions may be eligible to receive average points for aggregate and/or series for races where they were excluded due to COVID restrictions.

The current recommendations from Australian Sailing forms the basis for the QLYC COVID plan: 

QLYC Specific Plans

  1. The above information has been circulated directly to each and every member of the club
  2. Club racing will be restricted as outlined above
  3. Briefings will take place outdoors under the flagpole at the Queenscliff Harbour Office All crew must register for sailing on the crew declaration sheet. This will be done by the race officer. As there is a limit of 10 people gathered, boats grouping should gather separately and the skipper or his/her representative shall attend the briefing.
  4. Social distancing and mask wearing will be strongly reinforced at briefing and is mandatory.
  5. All participants will be asked if they are showing any signs or symptoms of the Coronavirus and if so they will be excluded from sailing and encouraged to seek immediate testing. By signing on the crew sheet they will be confirming that they have no symptoms and no known close contact with an infected person.
  6. All participants will be registered as sailing on crew declaration sheets and contact details recorded at revsport in our club register and on paper crew declaration sheets.
  7. After race social gathering will be restricted to the outdoor areas in such a way as to be compliant with current health warnings and regulations. The club is closed.

Ian Campbell 

Club Captain

24 September