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Crew Declaration, Ray Maki 7. 28th November 2020

To register on crew declaration for the first time, you will need your Australian Sailing Number and to establish your own personal password. If unsure ask Ian Campbell at or Frank McMahon at

Crew Declaration, Ray Maki Supplementary Race 1, 5th December 2020

Crew Declaration, Champagne Stern-chaser, 12 December 2020

Crew Declaration, Ray Maki Supplementary Race 2, 19th December 2020

Sailing with COVID

In an effort to maintain fairness some concessions will apply. 

  • Due to the likelihood of vessels being short-handed and to avoid the necessity to manage sails in close proximity, no spinnakers wil be used while social distancing rules are in place. 
  • Boats excluded from races in a series or in the aggregate due to government restrictions may apply for special consideration to the Sailing Committee through the Club Captain.  Boats which could not compete due to travel restrictions may be eligible to receive average points for aggregate and/or series for races where they were excluded due to COVID restrictions.

Boats and sailors must be registered and insured prior to competing, and must be registered for the event to be considered for special consideration for any race, series or aggregate.

Details of racing conditions and processes are outlined in the following links.

Notice of Race 

Sailing instructions

Sailing Program

Standard Courses

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General information, resultsreportsdates and sailing instructions, skippers essentials.
As a rule, keelboat racing happens every Saturday in summer and on a few Sundays in winter.  Visitors are welcome to crew provided they register for temporary membershipScreen Shot 2018-11-14 at 9.56.27 PM  and contact the Club Captain or a boat skipper in advance. The fleet includes Couta boats, small to medium keelboats and a couple of 40 foot ocean racing yachts.  Members’ vessels are moored either in pens within the Queenscliff marina or off the Queenscliff Cruising Yacht Club – on swing moorings or in pile moorings.  A good summer race could include up to 8 boats of various sizes plus our Committee boat “Swan”.  For planned race dates, check for updates on the Club’s Calendar of events.    And skippers who might wish to race please register your vessel (once to cover the whole year) as follows.

Registration of vessels intending to race.

This is a “once only” process to cover the whole sailing season, for a boat.  You will need a completed category 5 or category 7 safety declaration, a copy of your vessel’s insurance certificate, and your login information for Australian Sailing. Then click here for the online registration form. 

Practice in the Racing Rules and in interpreting navigation lights

can be found in the form of quiz or practice in the links page.

Silva Nexus wind instrument repair

To comply with quote in the “Sailing Anarchy” forum, our experience in repairing the Siva Nexus NX2 wind transducer (reported in “Keelboats General Information /  Some instrument repairs”) is also linked  here.

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