Important note:  Fees for membership and clubhouse exclusive use, and the “membership year” are being reviewed and the costs will be different from those quoted in the old forms.  Please consult the secretary for current fee structure.

When we reinstate forms online, please note this advice:  While you can print the blank form and fill in by hand, it is much preferred if you can do as much of it by keyboard as possible.  To download a form in order to fill in the information, you will need to follow these steps:-

Click on the appropriate link to a form (when they are reinstated on this site) and the form should appear; But – resist the temptation to fill in the form at this stage but at top right of the screen find and click the centre Acrobat symbols“download” button (see right), click “Save” noting where it goes.  It may at this stage open in Acrobat Reader (or Adobe Reader).  On some devices find the downloaded file at bottom left of the screen and click to open it, or (the most reliable method) open “Adobe reader” and open the file (usually in your “downloads”).   Please fill in the form as far as possible on your computer.  Then either print, sign and post it (address below) or add an electronic signature if you can, save the completed form and email to    If you can’t sign it digitally, please print it, sign by hand and post to PO Box 35 Queenscliff, Vic 3225.  Digital signing normally requires that you have “Adobe Reader” installed and this may be set as default for pdf files.  Details vary from device to device and versions of Acrobat (Adobe) reader.  Some versions require you to remember an Acrobat PIN for digital signature.  Also note that this process usually requires you to “Save” the file before the digital signature appears on the document.

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