Sailing Started up again June 6

Good News. Sailing under certain strict guidelines is able to recommence. As there is no racing permitted the Winter Racing season will temporarily be replaced by Shakedown cruises.  Next was to be 9th August but see “latest news” for update to rules.

More details to follow shortly but tentative dates are in the calendar.  


Activities started as planned on Sunday 7 June and thanks Ian for organising the day.  Two boats, with 5 persons in total, participated in the first (ever) winter cruise.  Route was Queenscliff pier, PE, Parks inner, Queenscliff.  Sundance achieved it, Tiercel was beaten by the tide.  A classic case of two boats, speeds 4 and 5 knots, contrary tide of 4 knots, result: faster boat does 1 knot, slower one does zero knots.  A good day on the water, shifting a few cobwebs.  

No-one provided a halo for me when I was Commodore!

The second outing was Sunday 28th June.And this was undertaken in light winds, again with two boats but a few more people.  It was a day for experiments with light weather sails.  Tiercel beat the 11.00 ferry out of the harbour and positioned herself in the ebb tide

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 10.17.31 PM

 with main and blooper hoisted.  These found barely a breath of wind –  just enough to get steerage way occasionally and let the tide carry her to the outer Parks mark.  By then a little breeze allowed crabbing across the tide to the inner parks mark where she met Sundance going the other way round, having spent some time doing sail trials of her own.  The northerly breeze held (mostly) and reached about 8 knots, but real progress was only made when the tide turned at about 1.40.  Sundance was home well before Tiercel.  

Postponed cruise 3.

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 10.54.59 PM

The third planned cruise was postponed from 19th July to 26th July owing to a foul weather forecast (“near gale”) and then on the 26th the promised 12 knots failed to materialise. Sundance and Tiercel gave it a go but drifted for different lengths of time after a practice start also exercising Swan. The achievements were thus limited to a (rare) competitive start between those two boats and some more light-weather sail experimentation.

And again cruise 4.

For 9 August, the combination of increased restriction (limit of 2 on board) and weather forecast (fresh to strong wind) led to another cancellation by mutual consent.

Cruise on 29th August

Despite a similar forecast for brisk winds but an otherwise pleasant day, Tiercel and Boomaroo braved it and set forth to head in the general direction of Sorrento. In the event, with winds around 20 knots and gusting 24, skippers agreed to  target South Channel Fort (or at least the navigable water south of it). This was reached at 12.55 after about 90 minutes sailing from Queenscliff. The return journey with following tide took about 45 minutes after which Boomaroo explored further and Tiercel returned to her mooring.

Sunday 6 September 2020 tempted quite a few boats out.  Boomaroo and Tiercel for some independent cruising between Queenscliff, Port Phillip Heads and Coles Light, Sundance was on a mission to Geelong and several non-QLYC vessels including Ventura went for a sail.

Saturday 19 September – A fine day with winds around 15 knots saw Boomaroo, Tiercel and Valentine independently exploring.


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