Improvements to the QLYC website

Please excuse some disruption to the site as we take advantage of this time of restricted activity and minimal site traffic to make improvements to the structure of our website.  This will include occasions when pages are empty of content.

And one of the things removed from the body of the site (too specialized) is a link for photographers to the “Photographers’ Ephemeris” which is also fine for times of sunset, moonrise as well as for planning photographic expeditions.  If the link does not work for you please inform  (I don’t know if it demands ‘registration’ for anyone to use it.)  Note, if you do try this application, it does not necessarily open with settings for the present date or time – click the “clock” symbol (white on blue) at the top to set to present time and adjust time of day if needed by scrolling to the very bottom to find the slider for time of day.  And if the first time you use it it puts you in Timbuctoo (literally) you have to zoom and scroll to find Queenscliff and chances are the system will remember next time.

And, not only the website but the Clubhouse – 3rd June brought a whole load of new and bigger windows to open up the views from the Clubhouse over Swan Bay.  Some working bees lie ahead!  Update: first working bee is on Saturday 18 July starting at 10.00 a.m.  Postponed owing to Covid resurgence.

4 Sparrows


  1. Although the working bee was postponed members can feel free to go to the club and lend a hand. There is a list of jobs to do and resources on the white board in the shed.


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